Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha

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A wonderfully delicious & smooth matcha tea, that has been lovingly crafted by the masters in Uji, Japan.  Perfect for everyday enjoyment, this matcha will whisk you away to a relaxing place & surround you with calm.

Each leaf has been carefully handpicked in Spring when they are at their softest & sweetest.  The leaves are then gently steamed and dried, the stems and veins removed and then slowly and patiently stone ground to deliver a superbly fine, delicious powder.

Size: 70 g Net

Recommended Serving Size:

  • MILD (Usui) - Straight: 1/4 tsp (<1gm)
  • MEDIUM - Latte, Sipping: 1/2 tsp (1.5 gm)
  • STRONG (Koi) - Smoothie, Sipping, Latte: 1 tsp (>3 gm)

Origin: Uji, Japan

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Serving Suggestion:

Simply add 1/2 tsp. of matcha to a cup or bowl (chawan).  Add ~80 ml of hot water (~80 degrees).  Whisk until lather forms.  Relax & enjoy.



Nutritional Information:

Typical Composition AVG QTY PER 1g AVG QTY PER 100g
ENERGY (KJ) 12kg 1222kg
(kCal) 2.7kCal 276kCal
PROTEIN (on dry weight) 274mg 27.4g
FAT total fats 37.1mg 3.71g
Saturated Fats 8.8mg .881g
total 333mg 33.3g
dietary fibre 314mg 31.4g
sugars 18.5mg 1.85g
lactose 0.0mg 0.0mg
SODIUM 0.052mg <0.01g

Additional Information

This product has JONA organic certification issued by JAS.  To achieve this level of certification, the crop and processes relating to producing the matcha, need to have been chemical free for 4 years of operation.

JAS JONA certification