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Matcha, Sencha & Houjicha Set

Matcha, Sencha & Houjicha Set

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Please note: We have upgraded the pouches to white resealable pouches.

This set is great to experience a little bit of everything. 

Cafe Matcha is made from summer picked leaves which gives it a beautiful deep green colour and rich matcha flavour.  Loaded with l-theanine, it provides a snappy caffeine lift without the jitters & anxiety often found with coffee.

Honoka Houjicha tea is the treat.  Great as a low caffeine alternative & full of lovely roasted flavours.  This powder is amazing sprinkled on vanilla Ice Cream or crafted into a delicious macaroon.

Sen Sencha Powder is for the sushi eaters.  Sencha tea is the most consumed tea in Japan and is served at all sushi restaurants.  Loaded with antioxidants, this tea can be enjoyed hot or cold.



20g Wabi Cafe Matcha + 20g Wabi Honoka Houjicha Powder + 20g Wabi Sencha Powder



Cafe: 100% Matcha tea
Honoka: 100% Powdered Houjicha tea
Sen: 100% Powdered Sencha tea

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