Anyone that is close to Wabi, knows that we have so much matcha love...

Wabi Matcha Green Tea Powder LatteThe day will often start with a delicious matcha protein smoothie; especially great post-workout. Then off to the office to face the busyness of life. Before it leaps into gear, a mid-morning freshly whisked matcha to calm and freshen the mind. Click, click, tap, tap, chat, chat...matcha bliss ball...more click, tap, chat....then at 3 o’clock is the perfect spot for a smooth and creamy matcha latte. As the day closes and night rolls in, a gentle and soft hot drink, with just the finest dashes of matcha to add flavour. Yip - we can't get enough of delicious matcha.

It is the love of matcha and its flavours, plus the passion for its history, that started us on this fantastic journey to share its wonders with the world. Grown correctly and crafted to perfection, your matcha will be a delicious and healthy experience and you too will develop a matcha crush.
Wabi sources all of its matcha from Uji, Japan. A region bursting with green tea history; in fact, so much so that it is now recognised as a World Heritage site. It is estimated that cultivation of tea in this region started over 700 years ago during the Kamakura period! Safe to say that with its history, comes amazing knowledge and craftsmanship that is second-to-none...plus safe soil conditions to grow green tea - double yay! 
We are very privileged to work closely with one of the most reputable manufacturers in Japan: Their care, attention to detail and dedication to crafting quality matcha products is incredibly inspiring. And with their guidance, we will endeavour to share this amazing treat with as many people and businesses as possible.
If a great relationship, amazing product and a mad passion for matcha are the ingredients of a perfect recipe, then a beautiful family connection relating to the history of tea ceremony is definitely the cherry to place on top. A teacher in the arts of tea ceremony, Eiko is the mother of one of the directors of Wabi and provides a rich insight into the history that surrounds matcha.
So, come with us and enjoy the matcha buzz...trust us, it is better than coffee :-).
Happy days & matcha love.