Collection: Wholesale Supply of Matcha

For businesses looking for fresh, quality matcha in wholesale quantities, Wabi has a wide range of powders available.

Our B-2-B solution is made-to-order, giving you the freshest product that delivers better flavour and longer shelf life.

Be it sipping matcha, lattes, health smoothies, Green Tea Ice Cream to baked goods, we have the right matcha for the task.

Orders made under our B-2-B solution, take approximately 10 working days to arrive.  Upon receiving your order, the request is made to the plant in Japan to process the leaves into beautiful fine matcha.  Once ready, your order is then airfreighted to its destination.

As with ALL Wabi's matcha, quality is key.  Like our retail lines, all the matcha is sourced from the Uji region and crafted by the Masters.  Deliciously perfect.

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