Softer, Sweeter, Finer.

Crafted by the Masters

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Increased Amino Acid


The Finest Leaves

Wabi focuses on quality & only specialises in leaves harvested during first & second pick (Spring & Summer) when the leaves are softer and sweeter.

I have Wabi Matcha Daily & have found I feel more relaxed, my weight loss is better controlled...I just feel better.


Wabi Matcha is my favourite matcha! The aroma & flavour are perfect. 

Their knowledge of matcha is really helpful for my health & wellbeing.

I drink everyday & it makes me feel so good...relaxed & calm. 

I love Wabi Matcha.  

Kazumi Y.

I love Wabi Matcha. 

Fantastic for baking. Colour doesn't fade and kids love it too!


The best quality Matcha I have found in NZ.  My daughter (9 year old) and I enjoy Wabi Matcha to drink or for baking.  The taste is mild and smooth, as it should be for authentic matcha.

Wabi Matcha Bliss Balls

The Best Bliss Balls!

Looking for a new way to enjoy matcha? Then try this recipe - such a great treat to have when you have a craving...

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